Sales of physical products are limited to the United States at this time.  Digital copies of the core rule book, serials, modules, expansions, and gazetteers can be purchased from any country.  All digital goods are delivered in PDF format and require a PDF reader to open.  PDFs are watermarked with the purchaser’s information and become the responsibility of that person.  PDFs purchased from Xaos Publishing are meant for one per purchase and are not to be copied, or distributed to others in the form of file sharing, torrent, or any other method in which illegal copies are distributed.  If such copies are located the liability falls on the watermarked purchaser for compensation.

Anyone outside of the United States looking to purchase a phsyical copy of Mechanika: Empires of Blood & Steam can visit our store page for the book to purchase it directly from there.  You can find a direct link to the page included here: Mechanika on


Shipping takes place at least two days each week; Tuesdays & Fridays.  Shipments may happen more often, but these are stated as the minimum amount of days in which shipments are sent out via the carrier used.  All shipping is restricted to the United States at this time for physical products.  If basic shipping is chosen then physical game manuals are packed securely then shipping via Media mail with Tracking.  Dice are shipped first class by default; also with Tracking.  If a faster shipping option is offered and chosen then the packages will be packed and sent accordingly.


Because of the nature of the products; returns are not offered on digital products & goods.  We also do not offer returns on physical products from our website as we take the time to check each order before we ship it out to make sure there are no unacceptable defects.  Books ordered from the website do offer the normal Amazon return policies in the case of any issue with the product they send you; as we are not able to verify each order before it goes out from that particular website.

We are a small, very small, company and hope that you understand our position.  As always we promote the use of other small businesses, and we encourage you to check your  local game store to ask if they have a physical copy of Mechanika in store to sell you directly, or if they can order you one.  We do encourage you though to come back to us to order your dice after you’ve gotten your book, or to buy your book directly from us if your local store doesn’t have one, or won’t get one soon enough for you.  All this that we do is possible because of game stores around the world and we want them to flourish as much as we want that for ourselves.  They are our community.


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These terms were last updated on 24/06/2016