The oldest of the great Old Ones. This giant creature stands several stories tall and appears as a horrific combination of the worst parts of man, octopus, and bat. He is thought to still dwell somewhere in the black depths of the ocean, in a deep deathlike slumber forced upon him by the Fae. The few times he’s been sighted since the great exodus, he appears to have shredded wings and a gaunt frame, standing over fifty feet tall. The reports of him recount that he hovers barely above the waters, simply cresting the waves still and silent as if waiting for something; another account states that he appeared in front of a lighthouse and stared into the window, his one great eye driving all within the lighthouse mad. No one knows what the true state of this Old One is, or what his plans are for this tiny world of water and meat.

Dagon is the embodiment of all things creatures dread about the world below the sea. He is the father of sea monsters, the lord who wishes to drown the planet; sometimes called the drowned god. He resembles a combination of fish and man, as can be seen in his servants the Children of Dagon. He lies beneath the waves with his dread ships and his children, dreaming of a day he can drown the world in his dark waters.

Vlad Tepish, The Undead lord, the first of the creatures of the night. Vlad Tepish long ago devoured the old one known as Nyarlathotep after the old one gave him the powers to absorb life, and to live forever in death. He now dwells deep in the Empire of the Eclipse, ruling his hoards of undead.

The creature now known as Dracula seems to appear as a great cloud of darkness full of eyes and various screaming souls, dotted with traits and pieces of countless creatures of the night. If he wishes however, he can appear as a black haired man with long hair and a trimmed beard in fine Victorian dress. This deity is the youngest here, and seeks to carve out an empire of the undead. The undead lord seeks only to rule this world while absorbing all other sources of power he can find.

The spider god. His body appears to be that of a desiccated corpse with the head of a great spider, and from his back emerge a set of four huge spider legs. He is believed to still rule the sunken remains of Atlantis beneath the leagues of dark frozen waters.

He once spread the old one contagion, and brought forth horrific parasites and arachnid creatures that filled even the strongest man with terror. Known as one of the most inquisitive and straight forward Old Ones, he openly experimented with anything. One such experiment that interested him involved making the island of Atlantis a floating research library of abominations. Of course this was not tolerated by the Fae, and simply had to be destroyed at all costs.

The goddess of lust. She appears as a beautiful woman, and the perfect mate of the creature that beholds her. The price of her exquisite allure however is high, and she frequently siphons the very life from her followers to preserve her immortal beauty. It is unclear whether she is a Fae or an Old One, and she doesn’t seem to enjoy being asked.

She is manipulative, dealing in secrets and always encouraging the attainment of pleasure even through illicit or illegal means. While not one of the most aggressive of deities, she seems more obsessed with collecting followers to satiate her eternal beauty and hunger for praise.

The Traveler
“This strange god appears as a withered old man with long white hair and a beard that dangles far past his waist. He always appears and disappears in places and times of great significance. He is the supposed writer of the Traveler’s Gazetteer, the strange book that talks of parallel worlds and times.” This account of me was taken by the illustrious Mark Twain in his book “The people from the stars.”

The god of glory and battle. He appears as a huge man with great bull horns and a beard of spun silver. He rides upon a huge six hoofed horse and carries a mighty hammer to crush all who would oppose him. He is often seen beyond his great house of battle, and is one of the few deities that fought in battles. Odack is also different in that he seems to take an almost mortal view of life on a daily basis, granting him a rare measure of perspective. He is often a strange mix of joviality, and terrible bloodlust.

The goddess of nature. She appears as a woman with long red hair wearing a pair of stag tines around her neck. She is the goddess of nature and the beasts of this world, even adopting those who have come from elsewhere. Her body is covered in elaborate Celtic tattoos, and she speaks with great power. She is often more concerned with the beasts and plants than even her own followers.

The god of autumn and death. Kor appears as a black cloaked man trailed by dead leaves and crows. He maintains the magics and the cycle of dying and rebirth. His mausoleum is a strange and semi-disorienting place that his followers claim is a portal to the world of the Fae. If this is true however, why don’t he and his brothers and sisters not simply leave? He’s rarely seen except for on the autumn equinox when he rides across the skies of this world on the back of a huge white dog with fiery red ears.

Goddess of winter and the cursed restless dead. She appears as a pale woman clad in dark robes with short black hair tipped with frost. She is accompanied by strange creatures that appear to be amalgams of other animals from this world. She cares for the dead who die and cannot be taken to the afterlife for whatever reason, and she also represents failure and loss and seems to appear when great tragedies, or moments of loss and doom occur in this world.

The god of technology and order. This strange creature appears as mist and pulsating lights, and strives to bring order to all things. It preaches that only through machines and perfect measured order can the universe be at peace. Yth’al’s disciples are as cold and unfeeling as their master and their master’s perfect machines. At all hours of the day and night the following mantra can be heard echoing from Yth’al’s resting place, “All order must be brought to me and I am all order.”

The black goddess of blood. She is the specter that appears in mirrors, the queen of tentacles, and the one who bathes in blood. Her followers are primarily warlocks, and her teachings state that the creatures of black blood will rule all things. She appears as a beautiful woman with long black hair streaked with red. She has opaque skin that bulges with black patterns resembling the waves of tentacles, and her eyes feature one ice blue pupil, while the other is a constantly changing unnatural color. She lurks at the edges of our vision, and she seems to be an enemy of the Old One Hastur.

The man in yellow, the grinning death, he who takes but never asks, the master of bargain. These titles have all been bestowed on the brother of Cthulhu. He is as ruthless as he is pleasant, he is smiles and bloodshed, and he is the one who will take from you without you realizing what was given. He is manipulative and always wants to make a deal, but only a fool would bargain with Hastur as he never bargains unless he comes out ahead and you lose. He seems trapped in between worlds, and often drifts on nightmares and shadows. Sometimes he is referred to as the boogey man.