Lands of Mechanika

A lush realm inhabited by the spawn of the Old Ones. Atlantica was created centuries ago when the Old Ones drained the Mediterranean and constructed the Black Dam. Even after their withdrawal their descendants still hold this land with an iron grip.

The buffer zone between the Napoleonic Empire, the Russian empire, and the Eclipse Empire. Originally Germany, Austria, and Poland, they now defend against many twisted horrors; from undead creatures to abominations of science.

The American Empire
North of the Sovereignty and east of the great crag lays the Military Empire of America. It was originally founded by King Washington, and is a great and terrible force to behold.

The Celtic Empire
Embroiled in the roots of Arthurian legend. The Celtic empire is the greatest magic power left on Earth. While they still possess great machina and artificers, the Celtic empire consistently forges ahead in its age old magic studies.

The Empire of Egypt
One of the few empires still using Old One Technology. A powerful piece of Black Tech, recovered from the dark ages, connects their dead Pharaohs in a vast hive of god kings that rule their fertile valleys.

The Empire of Men
The Empire of Men is made up of all the lands west of the great crag, the lands of the Native American people. This secretive culture keeps outsiders at bay with the help of one of the only remaining dragons. This land is a mix between forests and cities, and greatly resembles cities found in your worlds old west.

The Empire of Stone
The Kingdom is housed on the Dwarven held country of Australia. Long kept a secret before the emergence of Mechanika, they now seek to explore the world and increase their power and influence.

The Empire of the Congo
The deep jungles of long forgotten creatures and the large inland sea created by the Old Ones are all located in the Empire of the Congo. The Empire is ruled by ape men and their strange servants.

The Empire of the Eclipse
The undead lands of Eastern Europe, turned into a wasteland by huge machina belching smoke to blot out the sun. This land is almost completely uninhabitable, except by the undead.


The Empire of the East
This empire is comprised of China and the mysterious east, under the control of the long immortal empire and his army of the undying. They are always willing to trade and support the other empires, for a price. The Empire of the East is by far one of the largest and most mysterious of all the empires.

The Empire of the Rising Sun
The Empire of Japan, its Oni warriors, and their Leaders. They keep a tight lid over their secrets, and while they may have joined the Mechanika pact they consistently refuse others access to their own empire. This is the most mysterious and alien of all the empires.

The Grey Wastes
Eons ago the Fae unleashed their last great weapon: The Rotting Grey. They released it over the once beautiful lands of what is known in your world as North Western Canada. It decimated the remaining Old Ones, and in so doing forever altered the other life there. Transforming a once picturesque country into a wasteland of brittle grey plants and strange mutations where only the mad or desperate dwell.

The Napoleonic Empire
All of Western Europe has now become part of Napoleon’s great conquest. Now civilized and trying to demonstrate that social grace and movements of art and science are more worthwhile than that of war, they still possess a great military power. They do seem however to truly put war and bloodshed behind them, and have championed for that cause more than any other empire.

The Northern Horde
The Empire of the Northmen. They sail the harsh northern realms of the world, laying claim to all they can hold. Putting Black Tech to fearsome use, they still pillage and take anything they feel they have a right too.

The Russian Empire
The Russian Empire is one of the most technologically advanced empires in existence. It is protected day and night by the Iron Curtain; a vast wall of lightning created by his lord regent Tesla. The curtain is monitored and kept in order by the sons of Tesla, a militant group of Tesla’s soldiers. They swear fealty only to the Czar, Tesla, and of course the Iron Monk, Rasputin.

The Sovereignty
South of the American Empire and east of the great crag dwells the Sovereignty. They have seceded from the American Empire, and now use powerful Necromancers to raise the dead to be used for labor and to make each citizens life easier. They ask only a small price for this comfort, your body after death.