Rune of Alchemy


The Alchemy house is responsible for most of the potions, hypos, pills, and supernatural drugs in our world. Many Artificers will use this to create marvelous curatives, and incredible restoratives, bringing happiness and good to the common people. Alchemy has a much darker side as well; potions that pervert the mind and mutate the body, poisons that boil the blood and crack the psyche. The potential of Alchemy calls to many, from the ancient Alchemists pursuing the Philosopher’s Stone, to the universally reviled drug lord Dr. Jekyll, who uses the house’s power to pervert the natural order and cause madness through mutation and disease.

Rune of Clockwork


The house of clockwork is based on some of the oldest technology our world has developed; the spring and the gear. The soft symphony of cogs and springs. The true brilliance of this school is its elegance. Its ability to create Machina that are delicate and quiet. Machina that can be used without the weight and encumbrance of some of the houses’ Machina.

Those who use Machina from the clockwork house value precision over brute strength, or silence over presence. They want to have a Machina that may not be noticed at all until the situation calls for it. Clockwork users often value stealth or covert action and tend to blend in with their mundane world, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Clockwork Machina enjoy a sleek design, and often trade durability for freedom of movement. Quiet and powerful, the oldest of the great houses is not to be underestimated.

Rune of Electricity


The newest of all the houses and the only one not pioneered by the Dwarfish clans. The House of Electricity may be in its infancy, but it has already proven itself to be a devastating force. This house is the realized dream of two men who worked together until their partnership became a war of sorts. 

The House of Electricity harnesses this new power of lightning and spark, to create wondrous and strange creations, from powerful bolts of lightning that rival the stories of ancient black tack, to manipulation of reality as we know it.

Rune of Explosives


The house of explosives is by definition the most destructive of all the houses. The Artificers that choose to devote themselves to the house of explosives are a rare, and many say insane, group. Often these Artificers are immediately drafted into military service, or as soon as they leave their universities, forced to use their terrifying gifts against the enemies of their empire. Although not every function of the school deals in destruction, it is well known that when an explosives Artificer enters an area one should flee, or risk total destruction.

Rune of Marksmanship


The house of marksmanship uses the power of Artifice to enhance ranged weapons, making them deadlier and more terrifying than ever thought possible. In some cases this increases a shooter’s aim, in others it augments the overall lethality of the projectile, and still others create new and terrifying weapons entirely. What this school lacks in defense it more than makes up for in offense.

Rune of Resemble


The Resemble house is one of the most beneficial and awe inspiring of all the houses. It sees great use in the medical field, due to its ability to restore the maimed and malformed to a state resembling normalcy. The Resemble house is used to create replacement limbs and organs for those who have lost them, or who have had some kind of illness or disease befall them. This house improves and builds upon what was lost, replacing bone with steel, and muscle with quick-twitch bio-mechanized fibers.

Many daring Artificers have chosen to forgo the weakness of flesh for the strength of steel and flux, and have gone so far as to purposefully amputate their own body parts. Enhancing themselves with Machina, and using the functions and augmentations of the Resemble house to push themselves far beyond what could be achieved naturally.

Rune of Steamworks


Sometimes called the brute house, the House of Steamworks concentrates on Strength and Fortitude. Artificers in this house are usually found creating massive imposing devices and augmenting weapons and armor to become even more powerful and intimidating. Machina from this school tend to be heavy, loud, and very sturdy. They often appear very practical and even crude but they always get the job done. The sounds of hissing steam and blasts of smoke and heat accompany the functions of these Machina, and add to the sheer magnitude and presence they create.